Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Moving to a new blog.

If I actually have any followers left I'm moving my sculpture over to a new blog that has the name and blog code the same.   I'm keeping this blog but may just post randomly.  See you on the new blog....

Monday, March 16, 2015

My 53rd Birthday Challenge.

I turn 53 this month on the 29th.  I keep telling myself year after year that I want to be a sculptor.   I want to get better. I just want to sculpt.  Then never do it. For one reason or another I just don't get into my own home studio or even go into Lillstreet for a second day.  I do nothing.  I just let myself down as there is no one alive currently to tell me a can't sculpt or work.  So why don't I do the work?  So after thinking about this since January 1st I've come to the conclusion I'm standing in my own way.  I'm sabotaging myself.  I'm the reason why no sculpture gets done.  So in order to actually become a sculptor, get better, and see if its really for me I'm challenging my self.  Until my  54th birthday I'll make one piece of sculpture a week.  It will improve my skills and get me in the habit of using my time wisely instead of blowing off.  I'm afraid of this challenge as I fear I'll just let myself down yet again but I'm going to do it.  Look forward to seeing a post a week with my progress.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

My two pieces for the upcoming show.

These are the two pieces of sculpture I'm putting in the show MORE FIGURES FROM LIFE.  This will be later this month at Lillstreet  Arts Center in Chicago.  I wasn't going to enter anything as I missed the deadline and my husband was supposed to travel but... 

Thursday, March 5, 2015

At last a good day in my home studio.

Yesterday was my first full day in the studio.  I made the feet, arms, hands and hair for this sculpture that I started before Christmas.  I'm happy with the way it's come out but I'm not sure if the one foot will survive transport and firing.  It will certainly dry faster then the rest.  I tried to finish it off differently but nothing else looked right so I went with this pose.  If it breaks it breaks.  My faces are looking a bit more realistic and less cartoonish.  I still struggle with faces.  Today in the studio I'm struggling with a face for the next piece I need to finish.  I just could not get the eyes right so its time for tea and a snack before I mush the entire thing into the floor.  This year I hope faces start to come easier or that I at least start enjoying the face sculpting process. 

On a personnel note we've adopted a homeless cat named Winston.  He's around ten and came from an alley in Chicago.  He was dirty and starving and a big mess.  After a bath he looks brighter but is having trouble eating as his teeth are bad and he has an upper respiratory infection.  He is really a sad lump of fur and bones.  Whenever anyone walks in Winn purrs like a motor boat an loves attention.  As soon as he's feeling better he'll get his teeth cleaned and then we'll begin introducing him to the rest of the cats and Pup our lab. 

Friday, February 27, 2015

My current piece from class.

For some reason this piece won't upload upright.  I can't figure out how to correct it so just turn you head sideways to view.  My new smart phone is making me feel less smart.  So anyway this is my latest piece.  I have to finish the eyes and hair and put texture on her shirt.  First I have to hollow it out.  Stand by for more updates.  Until next time....

Taylor's face.

I love this face.  It's from last year but I'm still enjoying it.  I want to hang it as well as others on the wall but I'm still waiting for my husband to figure out a way that won't rip all the dry wall.  Can't have huge holes in the wall.  I've decided to continue sculpting but I still feel so ambivalent about why I can't seem to work.  I just can't get up the inertia to get anything done.  I've felt that way for a few months.  I'm hoping posting again on this blog will get me up and moving.  I don't feel like a real artist yet again.  You'd think after being alive for 52 years I wouldn't care about titles of any kind but I still fall into traps such as who is a real artist and who isn't.  And so the day goes on.  Until next time....

Friday, February 20, 2015

Will I continue?

Will I continue seems to be the question I keep asking myself over and over.  I can't seem to get myself to the studio.  In class I haven't produced much worth looking at let alone photographing.  Is this the end of sculpture.  I'm still not making work that inspires me and lately it all seems blah.  Not to mention I've dropped a few pieces and that was the end for them.  I'm bored really and uninspired and really blah.  Perhaps its just the end of winter but the weather never seemed to bother me before.  Is this just a lull before something exciting happens and I'm back to working full out with excitement and enthusiasm?  I guess I'll never know for sure.  I'll just wait and see.