Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Here is my first real post in my new blog. Well, it’s the old blog but with new stuff. I deleted my blog about two years ago as I couldn't think of anything to write. I wasn't doing any fiber work. The thought of my studio was depressing. I was certainly blocked or bored or both. So for two years I putz ed around doing a bit of spinning but for the most part doing nothing but read vampire novels. Now there's nothing wrong with a good vampire novel but it's not good fodder for an art blog. So I went dark. In the meantime I discovered sculpture. I absolutely love it. I'm inspired to work again. I'm filled with ideas. I wake up thinking about clay and what my next project will be. Last fall I took a pottery class and learned to through cylinders. That was okay but this semester I'm in sculpture and I could not be happier. I haven't been this excited about my work in a really long time. I attend class every Wednesday at the Fine Line in St. Charles Illinois. My teacher is wonderful. I fit right in with a wonderful group. I can't wait for Wednesday every week. The pictures show my first piece a dragon. The photos were taken before he went into the kiln. I was hoping he'd come out in one piece and this morning I was pleasantly surprised to see him whole and hearty. Now onto the glazing portion which is all new to me. He'll be one solid color I've yet to determine. This piece is entitled Looking For Lunch. He leers down at possible prey including stray animals and humans who neglect to look up seeing him perched in a tree or building. I was originally going to write humor pieces for this space but scared myself to death and never logged on. This way I'll tell myself it’s a sculpture blog not a humor writing blog and then slip in a few written pieces. That way the pressures off and I can write freely. I'm hoping to update once a week. I hope I still have some friends out there but if no one is around I hope to build up a new network. Until next time