Tuesday, August 2, 2011


I'm noticing that sculpture takes a long time from start to finish. This piece is a combo of two lessons, square boxes with drawers and clay faces. I had no where to put the face so I slapped it onto the box. My faces tend to be more ugly then pretty so their then men. This one is called "The It man with Goatee." At the end of the spring session we had a Rake day and I glazed this box in blues and it came out great. I gave it to my husband Jeff who took it to work before I could photograph it so here we are.... I have to say that working with clay has me very excited more so then any other medium in a really long time. I was asked to tie dye some tee shirts and through a big hairy fit as it took me away from clay work. Jeff called me a big baby which I am. At least my daughter's soccer team liked the shirts. Currently I'm drying a few slabs to make another box. The benefit of hot humid weather is the clay dries in a few minutes rather than days. To make boxes the clay needs to be leather hard so it stays in place while assembling. I love the sound the drawer makes as you pull it in and out. My slabs should be ready so until next time.....
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